Could you be an Andover Mind Trustee?

The board of trustees play an essential role in the running of Andover Mind, leading the charity and deciding how it’s run. Trustees act in the interest of the organisation, being responsible for determining the strategy of the charity and taking major decisions to ensure it’s run well and fulfils all current and future commitments to its beneficiaries. Being on the board as a trustee for Andover Mind means you’ll be making decisions that will impact on people’s lives, creating a difference for your local community.

Trustee attributes

Anyone can volunteer to be a trustee; however certain attributes are helpful to fulfil the role successfully. Ideally a trustee should:

  • understand and commit to Andover Mind’s aims, objectives and values
  • be knowledgeable and interested in mental health issues
  • have a willingness and ability to devote the necessary time and effort
  • be skilled in strategic and creative thinking
  • possess good judgement
  • be able to communicate clearly and sensitively and to take part in discussions
  • understand and accept the legal responsibilities of a Trustee
  • work effectively in groups

Find out more

If you are interested in volunteering to become an Andover Mind Trustee, or would like further information, please email or phone Lisa on 01264 332297.














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