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What is Springboard?

Springboard is funded by Hampshire County Council and focuses on promoting the well-being and emotional resilience of children aged nine to eleven in the local community. We recognise that this age can be a daunting time emotionally, with year 6 tests and the looming transition to secondary school. Our aim is to help children in years 5 and 6 with their emotional resilience and ability to cope whilst also educating parents and school staff to better understand and support the mental well-being of this age group. We do this via free group sessions for children, parent well-being workshops and training for school staff. The project is currently in its second year.

Why Springboard is important?

Springboard offers an intervention for children at a stage in their development where the brain is more adaptable to develop positive automatic thinking and assumptions for a healthy lifestyle. Our programme is based on well-researched resilience approaches and has been trialled and developed over the first year to produce an engaging way for children to learn.

Springboard sessions for children

Our hourly group sessions for children are free and run weekly for nine weeks. Groups run in term time at lunchtimes or after school, and also in school holidays. Sessions take place at local schools, children’s organisations and at Andover Mind. At our Springboard sessions for children we aim to:

  • promote the ability to cope and manage feelings through play, craft, and discussion
  • explore empathy and feelings and how to express emotions with positive behaviours
  • teach skills to reach goals and problem solve, and learn about the value of feedback and reflection
  • increase children’s awareness of self-regulation and de-escalation, and how to self-care for their mental health
  • support early identification of emerging issues before secondary school.

Who can attend children sessions?

Our groups are open to children aged 9-11. Children can be referred to a group via their parent, school (Family Support or SENCo), children’s organisation leader, doctor, CAMHS, school nurse, Early Help Hub or Social Worker.

Springboard workshops for parents

Our free workshops for parents aim to increase awareness and understanding of how to better take care of and support the family’s mental health and well-being. We run sessions at various times to suit parents including coffee mornings, after school and evenings. Please get in touch to find out more about when workshops will take place.

Parental workshops include:

  • anxiety workshop
  • mental health awareness
  • confidence workshop
  • how to manage negative behaviours.

Who can attend parent workshops?

Our workshops are available to all local parents, carers and school staff at various locations including local schools and Andover Mind.

Springboard services for schools

Our free Springboard services for schools include visits to year 5 and 6 classes to promote well-being, and emotional resilience training for school staff. Springboard aims to increase well-being and attendance in local school children, whilst also supporting schools gain evidence for well-being delivery, relevant for school development plans and OFSTED assessments.

School visits

Visits to schools take place in year 5 and 6 classrooms and are for a maximum of 33 children per class. We offer discussion and activity-based learning to promote well-being, incorporating current curriculum topics into our approach.

Staff training

Free school staff training is available via our Springboard groups. This gives schools the opportunity to roll out our emotional resilience training throughout school, both in group sessions for younger children and also in one to one ELSA sessions, for example, giving a consistent school-wide approach.

The Andover Mind Well-being Ambassador Club

Andover Mind are delighted to announce a new venture for schools – The Andover Mind Well-being Ambassador Club. Children who have attended a Springboard group can be nominated by their school to be an advocate for well-being and to represent the school at Ambassador meetings. This gives nominees the opportunity to discuss common issues for local children in years 5 and 6, and to have a say in how well-being can be better promoted across Andover and Romsey. This also provides children with an opportunity to give feedback regarding what they enjoyed or would change from the group they attended. Ambassador meetings are held in school holidays at Andover Mind.

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For more information on any of our sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Andover and Romsey areas – email: martha.mayfield@andovermind.org.uk


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