A message from Debra

We are beginning to gradually transition back to work with measures in place to ensure the safety of all staff. As an organisation, we have spent a great deal of time and effort preparing and have now made our first steps towards returning in a limited capacity.

Our building based services in Andover and Basingstoke have now reached their first three weeks of limited operation. Thank you to the teams working across these sites for taking on board our new ways of working and reporting back progress. Feedback from those who have attended face to face sessions so far has been very positive and service users have felt comfortable with our safety practice. Similarly, there are plans for the Carer Support and Dementia Advice Service to return with very limited activity across the next few weeks. The Ugly Duckling workshop and pop-up shop are now open across reduced days and hours and with a limited number of volunteers at one time.

Thank you to the support and management team who have been planning and developing our risk assessment process and have also spent many hours carrying out phone calls and research looking for safety equipment to purchase. We have also had some really lovely donations of masks and hand sanitiser from members of the public and companies such as Tesco Andover and Bombay Sapphire Distillery. Thank you to Sarah Pragnell for her hard work in securing these donations.

We will continue with our three weekly reviews of our risk assessments and will keep ourselves up to date with any changing advice from the government and we will of course keep all staff and volunteers up to date with any changes that occur. I appreciate this is a new and unusual way of working for us all and we will no doubt need to adapt and make changes along the way. Hopefully soon we will return to full operations and move on from these challenging times, but until then we will continue to support service users and carers in any way possible.



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