What is well-being?

The state of feeling healthy and happy.

What does that mean for you?

  • feeling good
  • having a sense of vitality
  • doing things which you enjoy and which matter to you
  • having the inner resources to cope when things go wrong
  • having supportive relationships
  • taking care of  your physical health

How to maintain or improve your well-being

The most up to date evidence says that building these 5 things in to your daily life is important in maintaining or improving well-being.

connect… with the people around you

  • join a group
  • speak to someone instead of sending an email
  • meet up with your friends and family

be active… every day in as many ways as you can

  • walk instead of taking the bus or car
  • take the stairs instead of the lift
  • get busy in the garden

take notice… be curious, appreciate the beauty of nature

  • notice and appreciate the changing seasons
  • hear the birdsong
  • savour the time spent with friends and family

keep learning… pick up an old interest, try something new

  • register for an evening class
  • read a book on a new subject
  • read the newspapers

give… do something nice for someone

  • smile
  • compliment someone
  • give your time

More detailed advice is available here


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