What is a carer?

For many, looking after a friend or loved one in times of ill health is a natural thing to do. So they may be unaware that they would be considered a carer or caregiver for doing so. In fact, anyone who is helping, unpaid, to support someone due to a disability, illness, mental health issue or even substance abuse, qualifies as just that.

Looking after yourself is important

Caring for somebody and keeping them independent and able to live well at home can have an impact on daily life. At Mind we recognise just how important caregivers are to families and the community, and that they may need advice, information and guidance along the way.

Useful contacts 

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers Hampshire

Carers Together– Supporting unpaid carers in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton

Hampshire County Council Adult Services- 0300 555 1386 or out of hours on 0300 555 1373

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Useful contacts