What is a Repair Café?

Andover Mind helped set up the Andover Repair Café and has been hosting the event since its launch in 2017. Repair Cafés help reduce waste and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. The idea was conceived in 2009 in The Netherlands with the idea of setting up low-key meeting places nationwide where neighbours could repair their broken items themselves, in a relaxed atmosphere, supported by specialists. The Repair Café Netherlands Foundation was officially set up on 2 March 2010 and since January 2011, the foundation has provided support to local groups in the Netherlands and other countries wishing to start their own Repair Café. There are now around 1500 Cafés worldwide.

Andover Repair Café

The Andover Café is run by volunteers and is open monthly on the third Saturday of the month. It started life at the Well-being Centre in Westbrook Close but is currently taking place in the Ugly Duckling pop-up shop in The Chantry Centre up to and including March. Doors open at 10 am, last repairs are booked in at 12.30 and home-made cake is always available. The Café is very sociable and has a talented group of fixers who can help with electrical items, broken jewellery, sewing jobs, bike repairs and more. In the last 3 months the Café has seen around 50 items come through the door to be fixed including vacuum cleaners, microwaves, lamps, clocks, favourite cardigans and food mixers. Some of the more unusual fixes include a bat detector and a dalek! There is no charge for fixing but donations are welcomed.

If you are interested...

The Café is always keen to hear from new volunteers who may be interested in becoming fixers or greeters. People are encouraged to come along to the Café, chat with the other volunteers and see for themselves what happens.




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