Jo Frost is a Dementia Advisor for Eastleigh and Romsey, supporting and guiding local people with dementia

‘No two days are the same as a Dementia Advisor: one day I could be visiting somebody in their home, another I could be co-facilitating a group or having an admin day in the office. The majority of my week though involves making home visits to people diagnosed with dementia, offering support and advice at what can feel like a frightening time. We let people know exactly what help is available to them and what services they can access. Nobody needs to experience dementia alone.’

The ability to promote independence and maintain quality of life is so important

‘For many people with dementia, and the people caring for them, the loss of independence can be really hard to deal with. We can arrange for technological things like personal trackers and home door monitors to be put in place so as to give some of that independence back. Small things like this can mean so much as it provides peace of mind for carers and maintains a quality of life for longer for the person with memory loss, which is vital.’

My own family’s experience with dementia compelled me to help others going through the same

‘My Dad had frontotemporal dementia 20 years ago when support services like Andover Mind just weren’t available. Having experienced first-hand the heartbreaking effect dementia can have on a person and their loved ones, particularly without that invaluable support, has led me wanting to help others going through the same. Had there been services available like Andover Mind for my family, my Dad’s dementia journey would have been very different indeed.’

It’s such a lovely place to work

‘Everybody is so caring here, it’s such a great charity to work for. I came from a corporate background previously and the difference in working environments is phenomenal. Being in the position I’m in, where my job means I can help people on a daily basis, is such a fantastic feeling.’


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