The wellness toolkit is a useful tool on your journey to recovery.  It helps you:

      • to identify what makes you well
      • to look at triggers which can make you unwell 
      • to understand what to do when things are breaking down
      • to know  what to do in times of crisis. 

 It is very individual to each person and can be as detailed as you would like it to be. Many people like to write down their wellness toolkit and share it with their friends or family, or their mental health professional (their psychiatrist or care co-ordinator, their GP or support worker).  It can be particularly useful to share your crisis plan with those around you as you can specify in advance how you would like to be treated should you become unwell. 


Andover Mind staff can help you to write your own wellness toolkit or you could join one of our wellness toolkit groups.  Contact us for further advice.


what people say about the wellness toolkit:


“One of the biggest benefits of my wellness toolkit is gaining knowledge – knowing what my triggers are and how to lessen their impact.  My wellness toolkit is a living document and changes as I grow and develop.  I am now a facilitator for one of Mind’s wellness toolkit groups and can use my skills to help others.”